Saturday, March 25, 2006

A scent of sand, chalk and linseed oil

An especial delight in returning to Ankerstein after a period of neglect is rediscovering the pleasure of the distinctive scent of the stones constituants - dominated by the linseed oil, enhanced by the chalk, and do I really detect the quartz sand, or is that just the power of suggestion? Sunlight seems to nudge me to bring out the Anchor blocks, perhaps because its warmth brings out the aroma.

The plan is one of those that accompanies set #6, but it can also be downloaded -- look for GK-NF, 06, "6 972," page 02.

Webster is generously providing background scenery of rolling hills. He obviously can find peace without the therapeutic benefits of block play.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Large bead design

My beadplay has continued, with intermittant meditatations on how my version of beadplay relates to what my best blockplay is for me.

I've mostly been doing small bead blocks based on quilt blocks, crochet blocks, beadwork, needlepoint, etc.

But the other day I ran across an interesting book:
American Indian Designs for Needlepoint Rugs. Other books have similar designs, but in this one, they are very close to actual size for Perler beads or Hama beads.

That means you can just place Perler's large trasparent boards over the color designs, and work directly, just like the Chicken Socks Melty Beads book, the Hama Maxi sets, or some Perler sets.

My first project from the book, on two linked Perler boards, is in the photo. (I wanted to use up some Ikea beads, which also meant I had to do some color substitution.)

Pretty nifty fun, and for me at least, a form of block play.