Thursday, February 14, 2013


Now that I am officially "Opa Alan," it seemed like the time was right to get these Uncle Goose German Alphabet Wooden Blocks, which I have long coveted. They are one of many languages offered, including Swedish, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Braille, and many other fun alphabet block products.

Melvin helped me make this as a Valentine for Blake, who is almost five months old.

The design is based on Froebel Gift #3 from a long ago Blockplay post. It is design #19 on the design pages reproduced there [click page thumbnails for larger version]. The eight cubical blocks of Froebel Gift #3 are extended here by one block to allow a longer name.

Melvin is a good block builder. He keeps track of when we should have snack breaks, he tells me all about everything on each block, and he brings me the blocks I need. Of course, he also brings me blocks I don't need, and I have to keep an eye out so he doesn't take the blocks I need away again, but he's still good help.

And I don't think Melvin will begrudge it a bit when Blake is old enough to take over his assistance role.

In fact, Melvin is looking forward to it.

As am I.

Good Block Play.

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